Feb 15, 2011


I am normally a "happy go lucky" kinda girl but today I'm sad. I came home from school and realized quickly that something was wrong with my mom. She has been staying with us temporarily on/off and has spent some months with her youngest sister in Missoiri who was diagnosed with stage four cancer  back in the fall.
So after many rounds of chemo & radiation, the cancer isn't really budging. Today, my mom said that the oncologist called and reported that there are lesions on the brain & pancreas. Which really means, it's just a matter of time.
BUT there is still a God in heaven & He is the ultimate physician. He knew abou this before it ever came a part  of her life. He is able to perfom miracles. He does it everyday & He did it thousands of years ago. He knows our deepest sorrow and he is our refuge from the storm. I continue to pray for her even though most of the time, I don't have the words.  Thankfully, He also knows our hearts.....

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  1. I would be sad too, just keep praying for your sister and let her know how much you love her...