Feb 24, 2011

~nothing earth shattering~

I haven't blogged in like.Forever.
Because I don't have anything to really blog about!
Seems like February is kinda boring 'round here. I haven't taken a single picture of anything. not even of something insignificant, like the cat or something.Pitiful photographer I am.
I have been busy with school (my job) and when I get home, I just chill. I should be more productive at home, but lately I've been in this funk. No motivation,. no get up, no go. nada. just sit and doing zilch.
Monday, I came home from work, put my pajamas on and crawled into bed. I even ate dinner in bed, that's how bad of a funk I'm, in.
I want warm weather here. I want to go outside and smell the conception of spring.
I really need to get my lazy self in gear and get to taggin' for the consignment sale that's occurring in like. one week! Yikes!

On a more positive note, I won a Giveaway! yes I did : )
Go Here to read about it. Go to this Etsy shop and browse around.
If you could spend my GC, what would you buy? I'm stumped on what to get!
I'll let you know when the "funk"i-ness has dissipated!

1 comment:

  1. What's up??!! Snap out of it!!! :)
    You won something...again!! Yay!
    I don't see you as a rosette girl, the coffee cozy is cute and we all know you like to get cosy with your coffee, but I think you should pick some earings or necklace.