Jul 1, 2010

Dear Grant~

Dear Grant,
How do I even begin to tell you how much I love you & how your life in just six short years has changed me beyond my wildest dreams! Before you were even here, I dreamed of all the great things we would do together. I dreamed about being the kind of mom that God would be proud of. I dreamed of how you would be as a youngster. I dreamed of how your personality and your looks would be. I dreamed about how I wanted to be the first woman you ever loved. When I held you as a newborn, I would cry because I couldn't believe I finally had such a sweet and precious boy. It was easy for me to believe how GREAT our God really is! Now, you are six years old and still (by no fault of ours) the only one! Its okay though, I know that God ha a bigger plan for expanding our family! There are days that I am grateful I have just YOU. With your personality leaning strongly towards the "strong willed", it can be hard to like you at times. At other times, you are so funny & such a 'ham', you are fearless which is something I try to encourage with little control.
As you grow up, its my dream as your mommy that you become a man of character, a man who serves God and fears Him too, a man who keeps chivalry alive and yet knows how to be aggressive when need be. I pray often for your future, your days in school, your college years and eventually for the wife you will one day meet and continue on with your own family. I wanted you to know that because of you, I do my very best to show you and tell you that you mean the world to me. I love you Granty-delicious and your chinny-cake too!!! =D
p.s. I hope you had a spectacular birthday!

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