Jun 21, 2010

***Summer means....***

Summer means:

~waking up late, watching cartoons & eating breakfast in bed~
~getting to the Y pool early so we can get the best seats~
~hanging out with friends every other day~
~playing in the sprinkler.....for only 10 minutes~
~wearing sunscreen 24 hrs~
~waiting until 7:00pm to mow the yard~
~enjoying 2 or 3 or 5 Flavor Ice popsicles~
~going outside at 8pm to watch a firely show~
~eating ice cream for dinner~
~grilin' out burgers, dogs & kabobs~
~sun kissed noses with freckles~
~Lunzianne Sweet I ced tea madefresh from the sun~

What does summer mean to You?
Happy 1st day of Summer

1 comment:

  1. It means that...my bff still doesn't have a job yet so she has lots of hang out time and even though she really, really wants a job I LOVE HANGING OUT WITH HER!!!
    :) :)