Jul 22, 2010

~ i heart this place ~

One of my most favorite places to go & visit is SaMo *thats Santa Monica* for those who don't have a clue as to why Californians call it that. I specifically LOVE!!!! Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier. Its like a mini-fair/carnival place that is actually built on a pier. I love the rides, I love the food, I love the nostalgia of old timey fun. This was G-man's first visit. Bill & I came here a couple of years ago by ourselves. Anyway, Grant loved it. He was super excited to ride the West Coaster....even though I believe its thee s-l-o-w-e-s-s-t roller coaster on planet Earth, coming in at a roaring 35 mph, LOL! Its fun though b/c it goes over the surrounding rides and it provides an awesome view of the ocean. The Sig Cars is where i lost my iPhone....(scream) but luckily we were only apart for less than thirty minutes. The young man operating the ride returned it to my hubby after he called it. Thats the short story of it. Anyway, I can't wait to go back.....its so awesome there!
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  1. Looks like a very fun place!
    Cool blog :)
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  2. Looks like a great time! We just took our kids to an amusement/water park this past weekend and they had a blast.

    Thanks for the visit at Mom of all Trades! I'm your newest Friday Follower!

  3. Stopping by from Friday-Follow to thank you for participating.
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