Jul 24, 2010

*trienta y tres*

oK, so as I write this my birthday is officially over BUT oh my stars did I have a terrific birthday. This one tops last year's birthday! So whats with the iPad pic? Well, the hubster TOTALLY surprised me with this gift. I had been saying in a very joking way that I wanted an iPad for my birthday. NEVER did I seriously consider that I wold get one. I absolutely love it, of course *derduhder*. Thats slang for "duh". I almost started bawling when I opened the box! I was so thrilled!
I had a fantastic day. Hubs came home from work & we all went to breakfast at the Barrel, then Bill brought up the idea of going to the Flea Mkt. and I was so like ON THAT!!I found some really good stuff (stay close for a post about that one!) Then I had to get home to prepare for the last night of VBS. I ran to Wally's World & put a picture order in. Came home, picked up the big kid & the little kid. We had a great night at VBS...more on that later too. Then O.M. gave me two sets of new dishes, which I desperately needed. We went to Logan's for dinner, YUM-O.
Once we finally made it home, I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my main squeeze. Then I opened my last gift from my mom. I will post about that too! I want you to wait b/c it deserves its own post! : O
I really am a spoiled rotten girl, my hubs has always went out of his way to give me what I want even though I never really ask for anything except in the case of the iPad, lOl. I am also a very blessed woman with so much to be thankful for, especially thankful for those who wished me a Happy Birthday, you all ROCK!!! *fist bump*


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  2. Happy Birthday!

    Stopping by from the Comment Club :)

  3. My daughter has an iPad and absolutely loves it. I'm thrilled that she takes care of it too :)

    Stopping by via Friday-Follow's comment club to thank you for participating. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Hello, thanks for stopping by blog tonight :)

    And happy belated birthday!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Happy birthday! You're so lucky to have a husband like that. And an iPad!

    Stopping by from Weekend Comment Club. Have a great week!