Jul 28, 2012


So, I have been busy! That's a real good thing around here. My mind stays busy and therefore less time to think about the chaos. It's all good b/c God has it all under his hand.
Bill has been in treatment for a week. He called and wanted to see if Grant & I could go up to see him but it's a very long drive and it would take all day Sunday to accomplish that. I go back to schoolwork on Monday and I do.not. look forward to the 5am alarm clock! He sounded disappointed but I have to focus on what my responsibilities are here and he has to focus on his.
Grant went to spend 3 nights at Camp Patrick. He is my brother and he adores Grant. It was good for him to get away and hang out with another guy instead of his dear old mother. While he was gone, I did a lot of catching up. I cleaned and cleaned. The oven, the microwave, the floors, got rid of a cabinet, the old swing set, moved the buffet, cleaned off the bar and buffet, the only thing I didn';t get to was cleaning out the fridge. Maybe next weekend or a weeknight.
At the moment, I am priming and painted a china hutch that belonged to my mother-in-law. At one time, I wanted to get rid of it but I have kept it for nine years and it collected a lot of junk and dust, and cobwebs. One of my goals this summer was to paint it and bring it upstairs and make it my craft supply hutch. Like the ones you see in those Country Living magazines. So I went to my favorite hardware store and got my supplies. I'll be bringing you pictures soon.
I had a job interview with the principal at the top elementary schools in the county I already work in. I was hoping to hear something by Friday but the county has placed a hold on hiring teachers until all the numbers of students are finalized. It's quite a crazy situation. It makes me wonder if this is how it's always been?
I have peace about all of it though. No need to fret or be anxious because my God has it all in his plan. He knows my needs and I trust him to supply all I need.
So, that's all from my corner of the world. Have a blessed Saturday!

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