May 7, 2012

~weekend getaway~

It's pretty sad when life gets so busy and finances get so strained that going out of town for a weekend seems like impossible. I had to think about the last time Bill & I went away by was 2007 when we went to Seattle for a wedding....Grant was 3!  He's going on 8!
Because our marriage has so many complexities and issues, we knew it would be necessary to get away from all our stresses and just chill out together. So we finagled a plan to go away to Gatlinburg...a quaint but busy tourist town nestled amongst the Great Smoky Mountains. I felt a teeny weensy bit guilty for leaving Grant behind but I've always been a firm believer that you have to take time to nurture the marriage. Before there was a G, there was A&B.
Here's a few pics....

The view from the hotel balcony...

Rocky Waters

I can't even remember the last time we ate at Pancake Pantry
It's so yummy....expensive....but yummy!
the pancakes are "to die" for!
Look at all that butter!

I always like going into Aunt Mahalia's Candy store
they make really tasty taffy! and fresh caramel corn is a weakness of mine!
so much so, I bought a  whole bucket
I brought some home to share though
see, I'm not greedy!

I have a fascination with tall people...I mean I know I'm tall, my brother is pretty tall but when I see someone taller than me, it just fascinates me. Here is a life size replica of Robert Wadlow at the Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum. He actually stands up and sits down. It's just really cool to think that God can create someone like that!

We went to Pigeon Forge later on in the day on Saturday. I didn't take my camera b/c it's too heavy to tote around. I went to the scrapboking store and picked up some sweet scrappy goodies!
We ate dinner and came back to the hotel. Bill and I went to sit by the pool becaus not a soul was there! I read a lottle bit and browsed Pinterest on my iPad while Bill watched a movie on his Kindle Fire. It started to get buggy so we went back to the room. We woke up Sunday and headed out of town but first we stopped at two gigantic flea markets. I bought a couple of rings made from silverware! and finally scored two otr of three old pie pans for a project I want to do and a milk glass goblet. It was a nice relaxing weekend, one that I needed desperately.
I felt like I had actually gotten some rest and felt rejuvenated.

Now, I wait for summer....

18 days of school left...but who's countin?

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