Apr 29, 2012

{Craft Camp}

What a fabulous day! The idea that we dreamed about back in February finally came to fruition! Heather did a lot of the grunt work and I am so thankful that she's a SAHM and has those privileges! Together we wanted to create an experience and and an atmosphere where crafting meets meaningful. We are all trying to watch our bottom dollar and we knew we could come up with crafts that even if one craftier might no keep for themselves, they could give it as a gift that came from loving hands! I love getting homemade things for gifts, it means that someone thought of me and that goes a long way. We dreamed big and we had 14 fabulous crafters! We wanted them to come and relax and let us guide them through the various projects.
The craft I loved the most was the scrabble tile necklaces! It was super fun and the girls created so many cool tiles! They inspired me in so many ways! Speaking of inspiration, Heather and I decided we are going to do a Craft Camp Jr. in June. We are workign on some great crafts that kids can make that will be an expression of their creativity. We are hoping for a full house and I think the kiddos will enjoy it!

Finall, I want to say.....
Thanks Heather for being my crafty sidekick!
You're the Best!
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