May 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I know ti's is a late post for Teacher Appreciation but this past week at my own school was hectic and I didn't get to finish Grant's teacher's gift until Friday morning! I love his 2nd grade teacher. She and I are a lot alike as far as our teaching beliefs and styles. She is an awesome teacher! I made this cute little mini scrapbook made from unused library cards and pockets.

I actually cut out the apples from the die cut machine at school and they worked perfectly!
I found a stack of the "old" library book check out cards in a file cabinet at work.
I asked the librarian for some pockets to put the cards in.

I snuck an opportunity to take pictures of each student and then had them write their name under the "AUTHOR" and a note of thanks to Mrs. Jones for different things. Grant thanked her for letting the class go outside at the end of the day before dismissal.
He's normally a very photogenic guy but for some reason he has a bizarre expression on his face.
Silly Kid!
I punched holes and put book rings on it and a smidgen of ribbon for cuteness!
She loved it!

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  1. I really like this idea! I just pinned it!