May 12, 2012

I Love You Crraft for MOM!

I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my Wolf Cub Scout boys working on a gift for their moms. All of "my" boys have moms except one who lives with his Nana so I told him to make it for her and write "Happy Nana's Day" on the back! This boys are fun to be with most of the time and other times, they can just wear me out! The bff pinned this project on Pinterest so I made the Scouts my Test Group. They seemed to really have like it and it took the whole hour of our meeting.

I love how hard they working. I was a little nervous about letting them hammer their own nails.
They have a knack for using things appropriately.
That's a 2nd grader for you!

Grant had a hard time hitting the nails hard enough to stay but luckily I had a very helpful scout who was finished first and went around to help the other boys. Isn't that what Boy scouts is all about!?

Some put their " I Love You" at the top or bottom of the wood and either way,it's really sweet!

Happy Mother's Day, Friends

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