Apr 4, 2012

5001 and an update

So my page view number says 5001 people have read or visited my blog....but no one ever comments so I'm thinking it's just a bunch of Spam visitors. Anyway, I wish I had more time to blog and post awesome pictures but if you walked a day in my shoes, you would totally understand.
School is almost over...ahhh, that sounds good! I love summer, I mean I really love summer....I love being off of work, having no plan or scheduler or routine, just doing whatever the day brings. I think we aer going to skip out on Nashville Shores passes this year and stick to the Big Y. It's exhausting walking around a water park all day and they don't let you bring your own food in. At least at the Y, there 's a place you can take your cooler and have a picnic lunch. I like going to the Y pool right when it open  or a few hours before it closes. You can avoid the day campers that way.
I have been feverishly looking for other teaching jobs. I get this feeling maybe an intuition that my time at the present school is finished. I can't say for sure but God has it all worked out anyway.
I applied for five positions in another school district and have e-mailed a couple of other principals. It's always been a wait & see game anyway.
I have several things going on next week. I have an orthopaedic appt. on Monday to get a second opinion on my hip pain. This has been a very frustrating problem for me because it affects my ability to get things done swiftly. I used to be able to walk and walk and go up and down stairs repeatedly with no pain but now it's a different story. Something has to give, I hope the Dr. can really pinpoint the problem and help me get some relief.
My dad is still in a rehab hospital but he supposedly gets released on Tuesday which so happens to be the most inconvenient day as far as my schedule is concerned. I have a hair appt and I WILL not cancel b/c it takes too long to reschedule. I also have another appt at six with my most favorite psychologist. Yes, I am in therapy...if you walked a day in my shoes, you would totally understand! I am not ashamed to even say that b/c believe me if I didn't have that, I might end up being seriously loco.
I'm in the process of applying for Graduate school. Yes, I am a sucker for education. I love learning new stuff. I will keep you posted on this. We'll see....
I gotta get off here, I have a PT appt and hopefully I am going to swing by Kmart & look to see if they have some urns like the ones I got last year.

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