Apr 20, 2012

Ms. Flexibility

...yep, that's me, Ms. Flexibility. I have filled in, covered, subbed, bridged the gap a lot this week at school. I hope someone notices?! it's all about Team work right?
I made a decision NOT to enroll in classes for my M.Ed. I had an overwhelming panic last weekend and my intuition said "not now" and so fort the first time in my life, I dropped out :)
Maybe in a couple of years when my life isn't filled with so much stress and pressure from outside influences.
I have already sworn to myself that I am going out of town the weekend before my birthday. I am going to go spend my middle age birthday in peace and quiet and no one better call me for anything!
This weekend is Cub/Family at Boxwell and the boys are there now. I will join them in the morning and spend some time out there. I am in no mood to camp,, especially since it's supposed to rain thru the night. Speaking of, I gave my notice that I will not be returning as a Den leader next year. It's not fun for me anymore and it has begun to negatively impact my relationship with my son. I need to take the back burner and just be a supporter
 I just want to go back to basics with all facets of my life. I miss the simplicity of things. I pray to God that he will give me the wisdom to get back into a place where I have peace. One day I might reveal it all here in this forum but for now, things in life are pretty tough. Being faithful, obedient, forgiving, compassionate, patient, etc. has a been a real challenge the past six months.
*stay tuned

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you! Love you!