Apr 11, 2012

busy as a bee

I am worn out! Summer: Please come soon! I need lots of sun and Vitamin D! I had a Dr's appointment Monday to see an Orthopaedist for my six month long hip pain. Both hips have been hurting and I have been in physical therapy since January. The doc diagnosed me tih bursitis and I was so happy that it wasn't anything more serious. I got a shot of cortisone in both hips and I yelped for my mommy! It hurt but not in comparison to my hip pain. Today I have felt a big difference and I am so glad I went. The only downside is that I can't exercise for awhile until the bursitis calms down.
My dad finally got to go home on Tuesday. He had been in the hospital for four weeks and rehab for two weeks. It was nice to see him greet all his friends and get settled back in to his apartment.
I had a fabulous haircut from my favorite beautician and dinner with family was great on Tuesday night
Today was a half day of school for the kid so he went home with Grammy while I stayed at school and worked on some stuff.
I had to go to Trevecca this afternoon and take the MAT as a requirement for Graduate school. The passing score is 378 and I got a 373. Oh well, not too bad going into it not knowing what to expect and didn't study a lick for it. I gave up stressing out about tests like this. It does no good and it doesn't make a difference to me whether I pass or fail. I just don't put much weight in the test anymore. I know I am smart and I don't say that in a conceited way, I just know that I'm smarter than the average bear...LOL:D
I am looking forward to a long break but I also have lots on my own to do list. I am still on the hunt for a teaching job and have a couple fo ladies at church looking over my resume and offering suggestinss on how I can improve it.
Stay tuned!

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