Dec 25, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas

It really was a perfect Christmas day! I set my alarm because I knew Grant would be anxious to open gifts. He told Bill "I better get the camera ready because you know who will want to take a bunch of pictures!". He knows me too well! We all gathered in the living room and watched him rip open all the gifts. After all the hoopla, I made a quick batch of cinnamon rolls and sausage biscuits for breakfast. We got ready for church and left for the morning service. It was delightful. It reminded me of God's infinite love for us and his ultimate gift of baby Jesus. I felt for a brief moment the peace, love and joy of Christmas.
I had our Pastor and his family over along with Lillian *M.O.M" for Christmas dinner. It was very delicious if I do say so myself.
I got a ham from Honey Baked and whipped up all the 'fixins'. I think I pretty much committed gluttony. I shouldn't do that to myself but it was so good! When the dishes were cleared and the company had left, I laid down for a wonderful well deserved nap.
I had to go see my daddy-o and we needed to put fresh flowers on Bill's mom's grave so we left the house about 5pm and made our rounds. Bill's dad is in the hospital so he's gone to see him now before visiting hours are over.
Grant has been busy opening all his stuff and is most excited about building his Podracer Lego set tomorrow. It's fun watching him open stuff and making all sorts of funny comments. He is one of a kind for sure!
Now, I'm just sitting here chillaxing with a warm blanket and some sweet tea. That's been my Christmas day! I wonder how much our lives will change by next Christmas. They seem to get here quicker each year. I hope and pray for all my family and friends to have the best year ever!
Merry Christmas!

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