Dec 8, 2011

Dear Santa....

Writing prompt from Mama Kat's Workshop!
Dear Santa,
Wow! What a year for this girl in TN! I hope you're ready for all that travelling this Christmas.
I am sure you'll get it all done, that's the magic you have! I have been thinking about what I would ask you for this Christmas. I don't want to be too selfish so I'll start with what I want for others.
I know how much you like bullet points because it makes it easier and quicker for you to read and absorb. SO here it goes....

  • that every soul on Earth comes to acknowledge and accept the free gift of Salvation and the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
  • I want my family and friends to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, and balanced life.
  • I want for children across the world to be protected from evil and the consequences of poor choices made by adults in their world.
  • I want for people who are dealing with physical, mental, or spiritual problems to find peace and health.
  • I want for our nation to turn back to the values and moral standards that our country was founded on. and stop the nonsense of being "PC". That's just plain ridiculous!
  • I want for all the great Teachers in the world to be appreciated and told how important they are.
  • I want peace for all those who just need a little break from stress, worry, or problems.
OK, now for Me, I'll keep it down to three!
  • I would love for 2012 to be the most phenomenal year of my life!
  • I would love to find a teaching job that I just know was the hand of God and the perfect school for me!
  • maybe you might see about getting me a new little baby. If you can't get that, at least give me a little sign that I have what I need.
Thanks're the Best. Remember to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus too!

Hugs and Kisses

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