Jun 17, 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp

I spent the first week of summer break with 20 Cub Scouts, one additional leader, and two den chiefs, one of which was really helpful, the other one not so much! BUT we made it work.
I think Grant had fun, at least I think he did even though it was seriously HOT outside. I made sure we drank lots of water. The girls that plan this whole thing really know how to make sue all the boys and leaders are taken care of.

The activities included:
BB range
Archery range
Scout Skills
Wood & Leather
Arts & Crafts

Each day we rotated through the stations. The boys got to do BB & Archery everyday but Friday. Some of the things Grant created were a bug house, leather stamped key chain & necklace, a shield, a wooden bowling pin set, a walking stick, a terrarium and a stepping stone.
They were busy and most of my boys in the group were pretty good. I had one whom I repeatedly had to "get on to" but I tried really hard to let them be boys and not be so "teacher-ish". I got my revenge on Friday when it was Water day and only the leaders were allowed to bring their own water guns. Bill & I brought out the big ones and blasted the boys. It was quite fun and I think the boys had a blast shooting me up with water. I really liked this part of the day!
The Directors held a Toga party for all the Leaders/Teachers because the theme this year was "Greek gods". We made it very clear to the boys that Greek gods are mythical and not real and we were just having fun pretending. I know that most of the Scouts know or realize that there is only one Big G God. Scouts has a history of teaching Christian values.
If I could have changed one thing about this experience, ti would have been the heat. There was one moment where I thought I was going to be sick because it was so hot. I made it and so did Grant. Asked if I will do this again, "I plead the 5th"!
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