Jun 3, 2011

30 days of June

Okay, this might be boring for some of you but my purpose is to come back and look at this list often so I can see progress....
Here is my llist of To Do's this month:
June 1st: Celebrate end of school
June 2nd: Last day of school for Grant, Grammy's birthday
June 3rd: Work day @ school & Nasville Shores
June 4th: Report Card day, housekeeping day, graduation party, Opry tix to see my boys Rascal Flatss
June 5th: Church, Cub scout day camp set-up
June6th-10th Cub Scout day camp ALL week----it's going to be HOT!
June 7th & 9th: Basement cleanout
June 10th: Family day at Cub Scout day camp
June 11th: Basement cleanout
June 12th: Church, VBS planning meeting, Caravan Ceremony
June 13th: Nashville Shores
June 14th: Leave for Maryland *Mom/Daughter Road Trip* CANCELLED
June 15th: HOME
June 16th: HOME
June 17th: HOME
June 18th: VBS decorating day
June 19th: Church and VBS prep
June 20th-24th: Camp Brick for Grant every morning and VBS
every evening.
June 25th: Nashville Shores
June 26th: Church
June 27th-30th: Camp Brick part 2 for Grant, Scout summer event @ Cedar Creek.

July 1st: Grant turns 7 and we party Lego Star Wars style!

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