May 29, 2011

it's gonna be H-O-T.....

and you're gonna need a P-O-O-L!!! well, somewhere I need a pool! Our A/C went out on yesterday and it's really hot in this house. Hubs booked a hotel room for tonight and luckily we know a very reliable and reasonable A/C guy. He's actually here right now looking at the problem but we don't know what the cost will be or the exact issue. Thank God my hubster has worked some serious overtime at work b/c I have a feeling this A/C fix is gonna cost us a couple hundred dollars.
I, on the other had, have been torturing myself down in the basement, ditching, weeding out, and organizing all that crap we've accumulated over the years. I'm gonna try and get some shelving (paid for by the OT the hubs did) from Lowe's and I think that will help me a lot. One of the main reasons I HAVE to get this done is because my mom & I are going to MD in mid-June to retrieve her stuff from storage. I'd rather her things be here in my basement and safe than for her to not be able to pay for it and lose it all. So, I'm trying my hardest to REALLY get stuff organized. I looked into the cost of renting a 10 cu. foot dumpster and it was $265!!! I can make several trips to the dump for less than that. I should take before pics of the whole disastrous mess down there but with that comes a lot of shame so I will spare you and myself. Maybe after I get it all done I can show some pics. We'll see.
On another note, this is the last week of school! HOORAY! This will be the first year that I get to experience the end of the year in a school setting. I'm kinda sad and happy. I will miss seeing the people but boy do I have a lot going on this summer. It seems like this summer will be much more busier than last. That's okay, it's just I hope I get to do some relaxing too! We have Nashville Shores passes this year so that will help. Grant has Lego camp and Cub scout day camp. I need to get him some swim lessons lined up too. VBS is right around the corner and a birthday party to plan and lots of swimming. Hopefully I can get some scrapbooking in and maybe a few craft projects. Boy OH boy it's gonna go by fast! The countdown begins June 4th!

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  1. I am actually planning to attempt to do a garage sale next weekend. I decided last night while looking at all the clutter we have accumlated.

    I bet you are excited for the end of the school year. Our year ends next week. Yikes. What to do with a 12 year old during summer? We are in that awkward stage where she is too old for most camps here, but too young for me to feel comfortable keeping her home alone. *sigh* I so wish I was a stay at home mom.