Jan 10, 2011

{major master bedroom makeover}

So I was crazy enough to believe that painting my bedroom was a great idea the second weekend of January. But I had good reason. Here's the low-down before I post pictures.
The hubs & I were both complaining to each other how much we despised our couch. It served its purpose for the short time we had it but it was totally oversized for our LR, I had to fold blankets & place them under the seat cushions just to sit 'high' enough up, & we didn't use the origianl back cushions b/c they were way to fluffy. So we decided to go hunting for furniture. We found a lovely couch & loveseeat @ American Signature and also picked up a king Headborad/Footboard in the clearance section. While we were out of town, I was perusing Craigslist, like I normally do, and saw a post where this person was looking for a couch/loveseat to buy. I already knew that I was going to GIVE our old couch/loveseat away whether it be a person or an organization. I e-mailed the lady some pictures when we returned home and she wanted them. I made arrangements for her to come get them on Thursday. I later found out that she had left an abusive relationship with a boyfriend with nothing but the clothes on her back and she was very grateful that I gave her the furniture. God works in secret ways, huh? I like when stuff like that happens. Then my brilliant idea came to mind. We could move our bed into the LR (b/c the furniture wasn't going to be delivered until Sat) and I could spend most of Friday evening getting the room painted. Hubby was halfway on board with the whole idea....

SO here goes the pictures:
early Friday morning

slumber, party of 3! all of us piled up here on Friday night

this is one of those piees of furniture I wish I had never bought
seemed like a good idea at the time but I don't much like it
and it's very heavy even though it comes in two pieces
we bought it from a warehouse that sold furniture from Opryland Hotel several years ago

the hubs helping out...vacuuming up the massive amount of dust and trash particles from under the bed

started painting at 7pm on Friday
I finished this wall, the wall to the left and 1/2 of the wall to the right
it was midnight, I had been up since 5am, worked all day and I was exhuasted!

Saturday Morning

the vacuum is on the stool b/c I had to remove the 2 in. of dust that accumulated up there!
Bill & I could not move this monsstrisity on our own
our good friend Dennis came over and helped us move it
he's the kind of guy who will do anything for anybody
plus his wife is my OBF

I wanted it to be center of the window but then it would block the only vent in the room so it's off center which is okay, I just wanted it moved to the opposite side of the room!

when the furniture guys came, this is where they put the headboard!
heeeellllooooo!?!?!?! still painting dodo birds!

it took all day Saturday to finish but I think it was all worth it!
I'm going to get some vinyl wall decor to put above the bed
not sure what I'll get but I think it's a perfect spot!

I just gotta clear off my dresser & figure out what to put on the wall
I'm still dreaming of what to do....

and since this is now my side of the bed, I need a cute little night stand to go right here!

the furniture may not match but at least it's painted and somewhat looking more like a bedroom instead of a catch all room. I'm thinking about finding a decorative basket to put on top of the hubs' dresser so he can keep his knick knacky stuff hidden! oh, and look at the blank spot to the left! gotta figure out what to do there too! any suggestions?!
yes, I love it!!!
p.s. I will post pics of the new couch/loveseat soon!


  1. WoW!!! Looks great! I got tired just thinking about all the work you put into that project. Now it's time to put up some upper-case living ;)

  2. Love the new wall color! (I actually have something similiar in my kitchen.)