Jan 8, 2011

first week of January.....

Jan. 1st
We were out of town on New Year's Day and we hung out with some of our family that we visited. It was kind of a boring day & I didn't have access to the Internet so I was really bored. One of the reasons we went out of town was to see an aunt of mine who has stage 4 cancer and I didn't know if I would ever really see her again. There is a lot of drama behind the whole situation but I won't go there.

Jan. 2nd.
We were to meet up with my aunt and my mom for breakfast but my aunt wasn't feeling well so we just met my for breakfast & we hoped to meet up with her later. After we ate breakfast, we went to another family member house and watched football most of the day.
 Later in the evening, we met my mom, my aunt & her husband for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Talk about awkward and uncomfortable. I just tried to keep the conversation light and casual. I should've told you that I haven't seen my aunt in over 15 years due to the drama I won't go into. Her daughter, my cousin, I hadn't seen since I was 15. She has a grudge against me for something that occurred over 3 years ago so I didn't expect to her show up at all. She decided to come and brought her 4 month old daughter. I was trying to avoid the possibility of sitting next to her but inevitably, it happened and when she sat down she pretty much ignored me. I am okay with that, it didn't bother me b/c I wasn't there to see her anyway. I was there for a different reason.After dinner, we said our goodbyes and my mom will be coming back to my house soon.

Jan. 3rd
We had to get back home so this was going to be a long day of driving. I didn't get much sleep so I was super grumpy. This girl loves her some sleep and when I don't get enough, I am a very cranky person. Grant was an angel on our way to our destination but on the way back home, he was a pain in the neck. He complained constantly and argued with me about everything. Needless, to say he was tired to. If there is one think I know about my son, is that when he is tired, his mouth begins to write checks that his butt can't cash. We did stop in a town called New Baden, IL to eat lunch at a diner called "Good Ol' Days" cafe. It was really good. A very cute town, almost like a story book kinda town. We finally arrived home around 7pm and I told Grant to go straight to bed. I had to get stuff ready for school the next day and I HAD to have him out of my hair!!! I had nothing to make sandwiches with so I had to go to the store. That was the fastest trip into Wally World I had ever done. Get in, Get out! It was ten minutes after nine when I came back home, and guess who was still awake!? Yep, I was H-O-T!!! I didn't say anything. I went to bed before 10pm. I was super exhausted. 

Jan. 4th
Back to School! I got a new alarm clock for Christmas & thought that I had set it correctly. But noooooooo, I woke up almost 2 hours late! Grant and I were both going to be late to school. I was 15 minutes late to work and that's even after taking a shower, dressing, and drying my hair. It was a mad dash to get there. Not really what I needed to start the day off.

I had a slow day at school. After benchmark testing and DIBELS testing, my core group of kids was going to change so I had to spend some time figuring out the test scores and seeing who I would be working with next.
It was church night so I had to prepare myself for the activities going on there. I was ready to go home and just chill after that.

Jan. 6th
I had a busy day at school. I had to go to 3 RTI meetings so I could change my group of kids. My job is basically to spend 15-30 minutes with the kids who are classified as "intensive" which means that they are really low in their early literacy skills. I really like my job but I would much rather have my own classroom. In God's time, I will get there. We also had to get back into our Thursday nigth routine with Cub scouting. Always at the last minute do I pull something together and it all works out for the good. They boys made a pine-cone bird feeder and Bill taguth them a little about geocaching. They were all wound up and my nerves were shot. All day at school with kids, all afternoon with the boy, and an hour with 8 first grade boys! I was ready to go to bed!

TGIF! Grant woke up with a fever which I thought for sure was due to his earlier complaints of his ear hurting. I let him stay home with the daddy and called later in the morning to get him a Dr. appt.
I had plans to go see my dad for the evening and come back home to start a painting project. It ended up that G-man had strep throat and I pumped some medicine in him quickly. Needless to say, no trip to Grandpa's for us. I got home and started prepping my bedroom for painting. I officially got started at 7pm and with few breaks in between I made a good bit of progress.  I had to stop at 12:30am. My body was pleading  for mercy.

Jan. 8th
Furniture delivery day. I will post about this whole thing soon. It was a massive project for just a weekend so I expect that my house will be in a major state of catastrophe for a few days. It will take some time anyway since I am working girl now! I am hoping for a good snow on Sunday night so school is closed on Monday. That would add a tremendous amount of time to my 'to-do' list!
At this moment, I still have a little bit of painting left to do and later tonight we will put it all back together. That will be a relief!

Tah-Tah for now! will post before/after of the bedroom soon!


  1. Sounds like you have had a crazy, busy, week! Hope this week is a lot easier for you!

    Btw- you have some mail from me headed your way. :)

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I chose it for the "I love this blog" award. If you'd like it, you can find it here :) http://mysnugglybugs.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-love-this-blog-award.html