Jan 2, 2012

Today was interesting....sort of. My boy who never really gets sick began throwing up around 4am. This only added to the previous 3 times I had been woken up. I won't divulge details but OMG! I hate being woke up in the middle of the night for dumb stuff! If it had just been Grant getting sick, I definitely would be ok with it.

I don't know what Grant has, I think it's just some 24 hr. virus. He's been laying around all day going from the couch to the bed. I felt so sorry for him. It pains me to see him sick. Hes kept down a little bit of food and even snoozed later in the afternoon.

I took my big butt back to the gym and started my "new year" workouts. I didn't take any precautions when it came to all the holiday food and goodies. Now, I'm paying for it. I always try to talk myself out of going but then I think about the things that motivate me. After my torturous hour working out, I headed home and stayed here ALL DAY! On purpose....it's so flippin' cold outside I can't stand it! Winter and I don't get along much unless copious amounts of snow falls! I worked on my December Daily album. I was adding my pictures and journaling. I'll show ya when I get done with it all.

SO here it s the 2nd day of January....tomorrow I have to go back to work. Don't exactly know what I'll be doing but I have to make the most of it!

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