Jan 31, 2012

new adventure

I haven't blogged in awhile....I'm a busy girl! I like being busy but I also would like some down time to catch up on stuff. I recently was introduced to a lady that coordinates the education classes at a nearby JoAnn store. She wanted someone to do a "trend" class which is like doing stuff that no one really thinks about making. So, I officially became an independent contractor for JoAnn as an instructor. This means that I only get paid a percentage of what "students" will pay for the class. I don't get an hourly wage which is fine by me. My top two reasons for doing it is because I need the extra money AND it's going to be fun and easy. I get to set my schedule, the class I want to teach, the price I think that project needs to be, and how often I want to make the class.
The lady who "hired" me is super sweet, very friendly, extremely flexible, and outright my kind of gal! She called me few days later and offered to allow me to pick up teaching some extra classes so of course I said yes because crafting is like.....FUN! the only down side is that when Jo Ann's sets the project, I have to make the sample in the store and I don't get paid for it. But that's okay, it's still gonna be fun!
Go to my next post to see my first project! 

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