Jan 15, 2012

doll baby

We FINALLY had a snow day on Friday. Though there wasn't much snow, it caused enough concern for schools ot close. This impromptu day off  made me want to do something different. I bought a sewing machine two Christmase' ago and just kinda left it in the box. I kept encouraging myself to get it out and experiment but could never really get the gumption to do so.
I saw this super cute doll a blogger had made and she used a pattern that seemed pretty simple. I found out that the pattern is copyrighted so you can only use it for private use. Otherwise, I'd probably make a few to sell. Anyway, the pattern is called a Black Apple doll and you can search for it on MarthaSweart.com. I enlarged the pattern on a copier and used a cereal box to re-enforce the paper. I traced my pieces on the fabric I had and a piece of felt for the hair.
Even though this little doll took me a little bit of time to complete, I learned that sewing is just a matter of trial and error. I had fun figuring it all out and it kept me busy for a few hours. It can be quite relaxing to sew because you get so lost in what you are making.

Here's the finished product!

She's pretty cute, huh?
Her new owner is a sweet seven year old girl whom I absolutely adore!
Wonder what she'll name her?

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