May 6, 2011

~Teacher Appriciation~ Part 2

I totally 'scraplifted' this idea from my BFF (she's so nifty, it amazes me!) go HERE to see her creation.

Mine turned out to be more of a quote type subway art craft

Warning: I make a complete mess when I do any thing crafty!
I layed out all the chipboard I had just to see what I had and where I could start.
I asked Grant's teacher to send me a favorite quote or scripture
this is from
Psalm 103:11

I ended up purchasing a bigger canvas b/c the one I already had was too small.
I painted it a linen color and then accented the chipboard with a green color
I cut the letter from my cricut and then laid it all out

 It took me awhile to get all the letter "just right" & even when I was done
it still wasn't perfect.....oh well
I used Mod Podge to stick all the letters on
and again an entire caot to seal it all

I added this trim to hide the staples around the edges of the canvas
you can barely see it in the picture but it added a very cute element

 Do you like?


  1. I love it!!!! SOOO cute with that trim on there! WTG!

  2. Love it!!! I'm beside you on Under the Table and Dreaming blog party ... so glad I was able to see your great art and read your blog! I am clicking to follow so I don't miss out on anything else! Keep Shining for Him!!! jules from bles-id!