May 16, 2011

trying NOT to keep up with the Jones'

My insecurity is creeping up on me, well not "up on me" rather "in me". The ugliness of that shows up in different ways and I begin my random thoughts of "I wish....." It's crazy and silly and stupid and wrong.
Trying to NOT keep up with the Jones' is un-American. We are bombarded with thoughts, images, commercials, advertising, and other media that to 'feel' or be successful is to OWN IT ALL! HAVE IT ALL! DO IT ALL1

It's just ridiculous to be this way. I am contantly figuring out what the story is that God is writing for me. I seek to be humble, I seek to have peace, I seek to know God's will. I seek Him for his approval. But every now and again this little disastrouss emotion wants to swallom me whole.

How am I going to "kill" this monster? The only answer I have is to continue praying for God to squelch those fleshy desires and read what the Scriptures have to say about the true treasures. God wants me to have.
It's hard people, really hard, especially in this country of instant gratification.
So there you have it, me and all my crazy thoughts on keeping up the Jones'
God help me!

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