Mar 14, 2011

~spring break~

ahhhh......finally, a two week break......yep, that's how long my spring break is! The district I work for has a two week break in the fall & the spring! I love it! especcially since the boy & I are off together. His previous school in another district has to go to school tomorrow b/c of a snow day earlier this year. Not us.....we get to sleep in! yay :)

the plan for the next 14 days.......
* hang out with friends
* take a quick trip to Chattanooga for Children's quizzing
*visit grampa and play games
* do some cleaining/organize/de-clutter
*a little bit of crafting
*print off some pics to scrapbooking
*hit the gym or greenway a few times
* relax & have fun

I made a list of to-dos but I'm not going to pressure myself into getting it all done, after all I do deserve a break, right?

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