Mar 20, 2011

~getting to know you~

I LOVE this meme & so happy to see it come back to life! Yay! : )

Getting to Know ME! (you)

1. if you won the title of Miss America, what would your platform be?
Most definitely EDUCATION! especially with a focus on reading!

2. outdoorsy or indoorsy?
I like both......if it's not too hot outside, I like being outside, but after a long day OUT, I love coming home and being inside!

3. pajama's out in public..classy or tres tacky?
during the day, I think it's pretty tacky but hey, I have been the mom at the grocery store at 2am  getting some medicine for a sick do what ya gotta do

4. what's your favorite room in your house?
my bedroom

5. nook, kindle, or book?
I like a real book but I think it's easier and quicker for me to read Kindle on my iPad

6. would you rather wear the same outfit for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
def. not brush my teeth for a week.....breath mints can cover up halitosis but they won't do a thing for B.O.

7. what's your favorite blog at the moment?
Clover Lane, 320 Sycamore, Our Life...., C.R.A.F.T. and I should be Folding Laundry....oh I really like MannLands too : )

8. lately i've been daydreaming about.........?
straight teeth.I know, a bit coo-coo but I actually went to bed one night a few weeks ago and decided it's time to stop dreaming about having straighter teeth and DO something about it!
So, on Tuesday, I am scheduled to see an Orthodontist for an estimate and treatment plan.
~side note: when I was a young girl, I told my parents that I would give up sleeping on a bed for a whole year if they would get some braces put on my never happened~ that's how desperate I was to have a better smile & straighter teeth.

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