Mar 24, 2011

~Ruby Falls~

I have been meaning to sit down and play a little bit of catch up here on this blog of mine. I have been preoccupied with backing up some of my photo files b/c I wanted to free up some space for the pictures I will take the rest of the year.
We took a short trip down to Chattanooga mainly b/c G-man had his final Bibke Quizzing meet last Saturday. We headed down on Thursday and took our time. I had to drop the dogs off at my brother's which was conveniently on the way. We got to our hotel, took Grant down to the pool, ate a bite of dinner and then came back to chill.
Friday, I wanted to go to Ruby Falls. I have lived here in TN for a long time & had never visited.
You can read about Ruby Falls here It's rather interesting, the whole story. I thought it was pretty neat.
Here's some pics!

some caves are not formed with tall people in mind
even I had to duck my head a few times

the lights that are used make it more appealling of course
it was hard to get a great picture and this one was the best I could do

you can walk behind the waterfall but it's quite loud
and you REALLY have to duck your head
overall, it was pretty cool.
there were a few times where I got nauseous b/c
some of the spaces where the tour stops is tight
in my weird and bizarre way, I was a bit paranoid about some
natural disaster like an earthquake happening & my life
ending inside this cave, but alas, I'm, still kickin'
we had just enough time to hit up our next destinatnion.

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  1. I love Tennessee!

    I have family that live in Sparta, so besides Sparta & Nashville of course, I haven't really explored the rest of Tennessee. I remember driving through the state you can see TONS of "SEE RUBY FALLS" signs. I always said one day I want to see Ruby Falls.

    Oh, just remembered! I have been to Lookout Mountain & Fall Creek Falls.