Dec 22, 2010

just checkin' in!

well, its been awhile since I last blogged! I'ms such blacker (blog-slacker)! heehee : )
It's been crazy, it's been chaotic, it's been 'the most wonderful time of the year'. I love Christmas, I love the spirit of giving, I love that Jesus came to Earth, I love being home and doing fun stuff! BUT....I hate this pressure I put on myself to make everything look perfect. At the moment, my house is a disaster b/c we haven't been home longenough to just chill. I don't want to complain! In fact, I will stop right there b/c I have all I need.
I have been busy at baking!! I love to bake, it's a lot of work & I make a huge mess (you should see my sink & kitchen floor!) but it's one of my favorite things to do. I love giving my baked goodies to my friends and family!
This is what I have been working on!

Peppermint Bark! G-man helped me out with this yummy stuff! He like putting the red food coloring in & mixing it up!
 I have this recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I have been dying to make but the recipe yeilds 112 cookies so I had to have a reason to make this many.....if you live near me, chances are, you are gonna get your own baker's dozen!

You might be a redneck if you use your oudoor grill as a cooling rack! ROTFL!!! well, it is faster than a traditional cooling's 32 degrees out there!

Told ya there was a lot. This isn't all of them, it's just one tray I stacked!
Don't they look Dee-Lish!!!

I have one last thing I am working on. It's called Martha Washington candy! It's heavenly! I will post the pics and the recipe b/c it's too good to be kept a secret!
Have a great day!

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