Dec 2, 2010

just blabbing.....

Ok, this one's for HAM! First, I want to say that I seriously miss blogging! it was one of my favorite guilty pleasures and now it's like a luxury if I can get to it. I have lots to share in pictures but I have yet to find the t-i-m-e to get pictures uploaded. I have been really busy which is a double edge sword b/c yes I like my job but dadgumit, if something else suffers for it. That being said, my house is the thing that suffers. I would be so ashamed if I had someone drop by on a whim. I mean, really my real would understand and wouldn't judge me but I don't even want the UPS man to peek inside! I do have plant to get things back in order as soon as I get home from school tomorrow. I will have to stop by my crack dealer  favorite java shop Dunkin Donuts and get two or three rocks a XL coffee with a hint of heroine vanilla or pumpkin spice! We have a super busy weekend which makes it a little bit depressing b/c I don't really get to relax. It's okay though, there are only 10 full days of school left before CHRISTMAS break and I will be ready for it!
This week has flown by b/c I have been in what I call the world of DIBELS. Its an assessment that schools here do 3 times a year for every grade level. I have been testing 1st and 2nd graders. It has made the days go by quick but it's very monotonous. I have seen some improvements in the students that I have been working with in small groups and that makes me very happy! One of realizatins that I have been noticing is that I know that God created me to be a school teacher. I feel it when I step inside the school. It's like I think about the love that God has for me and I want those kids to know that kind of love. I know it can only happen through me. I feel His presence when I am working with every student. My heart hurts when I hear or see some of these kids neglected or unkempt. It just tears me up. I have a harder time with it when it comes to the girls. OH, if I only had one, she would be terribly rotten, more so than the G-man! Anyway, I just wanted to share that. I don't think very many people know what God's mission is for their life and I am so glad I do. Its not ever going to be a cake walk but faith makes all things possible, not easy!
Anywhoo, thats my 'schpill' for now.....I miss you bloggy friends! I promis I will check in as much as I can!!!

p.s. I realize some people may be offended by my 'drug' joke b/c addiction is real but I was trying to make myself laugh more than anything.

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