Dec 26, 2010


Did you make it through the day? We did. It was nice to just wake up and not feel like I had to rush around like a mad woman. Grant was so sweet and crawled in bed with us around 7am and waited patiently for us to get ourselves woke up. He whispered to me "Merry Christmas" mommy and then said "Happy Birthday Jesus". I am very happy that he realizes that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus.

Here is what the Night Before Christmas looked like

I love my little white tree! Our Living Room is super small so a big tree would definitely take up way too much space. I am proud of myself for not going overboard with the gifts. I think Santa spent just enough money for the only child in this family. G-man doesn't WANT for anything but he got most of what he asked for. My goal is to little by little make the number of gifts less and focusing more on giving of ourselves. As the boy gets older, I want him to begin realizing that it's more important to give of ourselves than being preoccupied with what He is going to get.

Here is what Christmas looked like at the DeFelice house:

He said "I guess Santa thought I was good enough this year" LOL he's too funny sometimes!

Santa always brings new PJ''s like a mandatory requirement!

Grammy thought it necessary to add delirium to our house by purchasing that obnoxious Big Foot that is quite entertaining but very ugly and almost scary.
It drove him absolutely crazy knowing there were goodies in the stocking and he couldn't peek!

Living room floor trashed in a matter of minutes

We actually had a White Christmas this year in TN. Caught the boy gazing out the back door!

We ended the day with a visit to see Mamaw! Grant is a very lucky boy to still have a great grandparent alive. We bought Mamaw her favorite parfume, Chanel No. 5. She loved it!
Only the best for the Best!

I only asked the Main Squeeze for a few things. This is one of them.
It's a camera bag that looks like a purse! Isn't it gorgeous!
I also got a Memorex clock radio that charges my iPhone and a USB thingy called a Picture Keeper that holds 16,000 pics on it. I will use it to back up my all my pics because I take a lot of photos throughout the year.  Main Squeeze asked for clothes so that's what he got! 4 shirts & 2 prs of pants.
I think we are going to head to MO to see some family over the New Year. Then before we know it, school will be back in session!
Hope you had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!


  1. I lurve your new camera bag too. When you take pics do you have to close one eye in order to see through the lens or do you wear a patch?