Oct 22, 2010

radom ranting

This week has probably been THE busiest week I have ever had this whole entire year! Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have a job. Its humbling and yes I "could" complain about a few things, but its just part of the path I'm on & its only the been the first week. I have come to realize that I am going to have to sit down and put together a personal schedule becasue I can't live through another week like this. It was an unusual kinda week  with Grant being on fall break and having something to do every single night. Even tonight! we're booked. Then, tomorrow Grant has bible quizzing and later in the day we are heading out to a family reunion which is not on my list of favorite things to do...(it's a long story). The only upside is spending time with my dad and seeing my Mamaw, oh & my favorite aunt. Church is on Sunday, not too bad but I will be with the kids. Trust me, when Dec. 6th rolls around, H & I will be so 'over it'! if you know what I mean.
I feel like I have lost touch with my bloggy world and I haven't been able to read up on my fav's. I haven't gotten to pull out some crafty creations that I have been wanting to do. I haven't been able to chill and watch a good t.v. show. I haven't even gotten a chance to look at Cub Scout stuff which is not like me! I like the 'idea' of being a planner and I like to plan but its really finding THE TIME to get it all done. Oh, the pressure!!! okay, get a grip Amanda. I can do this! its just about finding balance! we'll see.
I just know that this weekend is going to FLY by!
have a good one!!!

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  1. stay up late, get up early...sleeping is for wimps.
    NOT!! Catch up on blogs and tivo while lying in bed.!! Now that's a good idea.