Jun 4, 2010

sunny CA

I'm here in the sunny state of CA. I came along with a close family friend & also to support a very special friend who is getting married in July. I haven't been away from my family by myself since 2002 when I quit a daycare job & went to visit my mom in Maryland over Memorial Day. That is the last time I went on a trip by myself. Now, I know some may be jealou b/c I don't have a child attached to my hip. YES! it is quite nice. I got to read 5 chapters of a book uninterrupted on the plane ride over here.It was wonderful. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly trying to read things that will help me listen to God's voice in my life. Currently I am reading "Thats my Son" by Rick Johnson. It is about raising a boy to be a man of character. Its really good@ Anyway, the bridal shower is tomorrow and then Sunday I am hoping to hook up with my cousins at the beach, hopefully in SaMo. Well, pictures will be later. I had hard time trying to decide if I wanted to bring my DSLR but I didn't b/c its quite bulky & I didn't want to fool with it. So I brought along my little handy Sony Cybershot. Okay, enough.....later!

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