Aug 26, 2012

Small miracles

Today I stayed home from work which isn't like me because I consider myself to be a hard worker. All this job situation stuff has just about pushed me to my limit. But I had a little bit of good news on the financial front.
Let me preface all of this by saying that I have been giving tithes to to my church for a really long time. Recently I caught our tithes up & letting go of a substantial amount of money can be somewhat of difficult thing to do. But, scripture tells us to test God on this and see if he won't pour out a blessing so big, there will not be room enough to hold it. Today was a blessed one because I called to find out why the dentist for Grant's dental work had not come out of my account. The lady at the office said that I had a zero balance and insurance mus'vet paid the rest. Hallelujah!
Another instance was when Bill realized that his account had been overdrawn due to the fact that I couldn't get into it (a result of his maniacal behavior in July). He realized that his account was overdrawn and he went to the back and they took of $65 of overdraft fees off of the balance.
Just those two little miracles are due to God's ability to provide for me when I least expected it.

In essence, the lesson is that when you give God back what was His to begin with, He will always make sure you have what you need and not just in a financial sense.
If you don't tithe, you're really missing out. Missing out on how God can be so wonderful!

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