Mar 12, 2012


Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate was the latter, not the former....
Why? because I'm getting up early on the first week of SB (we get 2 wks. where I teach) and teaching third grade Intercession. It's okay I guess...the kids aren't terrible or anything, it's just the getting up early part I'm not so in love with. The check will be nice especially since Granty boy needs some spring/summer clothes.
Anyway, after all that this morning, I came home to clean out my van which I banged up in a rear ender so I could take it to the body shop for repairs. They guy said he could only do an estimate on the outside and wouldn't be able to tell me the amount of damage under the hood until he got it into the shop. He said that insurance usually won't pay for repairs if the amount is at least or over 75% of the value of the van. So there's a possibility that they could total it and I would have to get another clunker. I hate car payments so I would have to get something with the money insurance would give me for the value of the van. I had an appointment in Green Hills for a B12 and I had to go to Best Buy to return a camera..(more about that in a minute). So Bill and I were on our way when BOOM! I was trying to change lanes and hit a stupid piece of debris...well, a big huge stinkin' piece of debris. Bill said it looked like a big muffler of some sort. So anyway, it busted the tires and bent the H*#*$ out of the rims on the driver side. I wanted to cry but no tears would come. I was in shock, embarrassed, and felt like a complete idiot. So I had to call and cancel my appt. while Bill called AAA to get a tow truck on the way. I just added more money to the auto repair bill. So the tow truck gets us, brings us to Mt. Juliet to the Discount Tire store. They have to order new rims which costs us about $250....TYJ for emergency fund.
So while we were at the tire store, we walked over to Best Buy because they were on my list of to-do's. Back in Jan. G-man dropped my "big girl" camera as the bff calls it and I took it to them to be repaired b/c luckily I purchased a warranty on it Well, last week the Geek Squad called and said the camera was unrepairable (is that even a word?) Sooooo, I got me a brand new spankin' D5100 which is the same camera they loaned me while I was waiting for mine to be repaired! Yay for me....except I really needed to buy an additional warranty so I shelled out the money for that b/c look how good my last warranty was! So now I have some reading up  to do on my swanky new camera....I have a feeling I will love her as much as I loved the last one!
So the day was crappy in more ways than others, I guess you just gotta roll with the punches that life throws at ya'. was your Monday? please tell me it was better than mine!

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