Mar 19, 2012

it's all random

Well, it's Monday....again!  I woke up about 8:30am, that was nice. I had plans to really clean out some drawers.....all kinds of drawers but instead I did some straightening up on my buffet. I have a cabinet downstairs in the basement that have been wanting to pain but I recently discovered chalk paint not the chalk paint that most people think of but if you go HERE to this girl's blog, she has a couple of tutorials on how to use it. You can also go to this WEBSITE and look at some really cool stuff. The only downer is that the only stockist around is either in Hendersonville or Brentwood. I can't promise myself that I will get her painted but it's still on my radar list of things to do.
I just finished mowing the front yard and the hubs versed me on Weed Whacking 101. Weed eating is not my thing, the machine is heavy and debris from the ground hits your legs and causes nicks on your skin. With the hubs down in his back, it's gonna be up to me to do the yard work. My mom will help me too. She likes to weed whack : D. I put my patio furniture back out and dug out the pillows from storage. Oh yeah, that's another thing on my list of to do's. The deck needs a serious pressure washing and stain and sealed. It's been about 5 years since it was last done. I like the pressure washing part b/c I like seeing the dirt and grime bust away from the washing. It's gonna be the stain and sealing part that I won't be fond of. After I did all that, I made some lunch for the fam and later I have to go into G's room and flip his bed over because now we have another house guest.
Bill's dad lives with a crazy drunk psycho roommate and she went crazy psycho on him this morning so he's going to stay with us for about a week or so. *SIGH* drama is NOT my friend!

In the evenings, I have been doing some crafty stuff. Right now, I'm sewing some pillows for the bff but she's in FLORIDA! I know she's having fun and I'm happy for her. I like to sew, no, I love to sew, it's therapeutic but the one thing I hate is threading the needle! Geez that takes me forever and my needle threader has been misplaced. So anyway, it's fun to sew stuff. I found a pattern on line for a cute summer purse so I think I will try my hand at that.

I finally heard from the insurance company on my van. They arent' giving me what I though I would get for my van but we have a small cushion in savings to make up for it. I HATE car payments, in fact I hate even the thought of going car shopping. It's a pain in the butt! I hate dealing with dealers and I don't trust previous owners b/c you never know if they are telling you the truth. So tomorrow it looks like I will be going to get all my stuff out of my old van and looking around for a new vehicle. I loved my van, I could hold so much in it but it was a hooptie. Things were breaking on it, different things annoyed me about it but the fact that it was payed for superseded all of those annoyances. I am thinking I will get another van but not sure yer. Gas prices are killing my budget.

My daddy-0 is still in the VA hospital. They are trying to find an occ rehab place but it's taking forever. He's been very needy lately and I don't mind helping him out but going downtown a few times a week is hard on the gas meter. I hope they find something for him soon.

I have been thinking about my future career choices. It looks more like the school I am at now probably won't hire any new teachers. I don't even know if God truly wants me there. I am trying to not worry about it. I went to an informational meeting at Trevecca the other day to get some info on a Master's degree. The one they offer that I was most interested in was all on0-line. It last for about 15 months My thought is that if I don't get a job, I could work on my degree and sub or do an interim somewhere. If I'm not teaching then what will I be doing with my time? get my Masters seems like a great idea. I'll keep ya posted.

We're thinking about joining the Y again this summer and skipping the season passes to Nashville Shores. It seems like it might be easier and we can still take our lunches and eat without having to leave the pool,  After this week, there are only 10 more weeks of school! I can't believe it!

okay so I gotta get off here and get some more stuff done.....see ya'!

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