Jan 16, 2017


Just to give you a back story on this particular picture, I was cleaning out and switching wallets and was checking every nook and cranny, making sure I emptied the old wallet of everything. I came across the key that opens the box of my father's cremanes. I was delighted to find it because I really believed I lost it. I went to open the box and remembered that this little bible was placed inside on top by my brother. I think she gave this Bible to him when he was on his way to college in Kentucky. or it's possible she gave it to him when he went into basic training for the Air Force. My father was about to be twenty years old. 

 The words written by Mamaw are as following:

My Darling
Time and miles will take us apart but while it does, I shall keep a prayer with a live light burning within my heart for you . God gave you to me and He will keep you for me. My prayers will be with you wherever you go. 
Love, Mother

(To Ivan Newlin)
March 9, 1969

My grandmother was a great woman of faith. She left a legacy of Godly love, mercy, and wisdom. I am not saying she was perfect but she was perfect to me. This prayer for my own father has a lot of meaning to me at this particular time of my life. I can only hope that both my Mamaw and Dad are looking over me, praying for me, protecting me, loving me, reminding me of who I am in God I pray that I will leave a legacy for Grant and even my own future grandchildren. I needed to see and read this today. I needed reminded......

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