Jan 31, 2017

Dear January

Dear January

I hate to break it to you, but I have never been one of your biggest fans and especially in recent years. Usually you bring bitter cold weather, a sore attempt at snow and ice here in TN (which by the way is disguised as a post-menopausal woman who hasn't been given enough coffee or chocolate) and flashbacks of really bad days in my arsenal of historic dates like the old "it happened on this day" reel that plays over and over in my head. This year was better, well as better as better can be.....like on a scale of one to ten, you get a six and a half. 
I think I can count on one hand the amount of really bad days this month. Which I can give you credit for because in previous years, it's been the majority of the month where I have been super moody and unlikable and way down on the mo-jo. 
I do want to say that I appreciate the unseasonably warm days you gave me (I could be bff's with post-menopausal weather especially if I give her enough coffee or chocolate!). Luckily for you, I have a membership to a local gym and access to the "fake & bake" bed that doses me up on Vitamin D when I need it. So big deal, I lay in a tanning bed.....it's that or I start to become super cra-cra, the girl in the basement crazy....and you wouldn't really like her. And I will add, I am NOT tanning everyday, just a couple of times a week. Any-who, I guess I should also thank you for the time I needed to really think about "things'. You know, the things that keep me up at night. You gave me a few sleepless nights thinking about what is "IT" that God is trying to work out in me. Thoughts about short term and long term goal setting, plans and ideas for vacation, what to do about issues with my teeth *long story there*, researching and learning more about Paris (that IS.GOING.TO.HAPPEN!) and among so many other thoughts, I had to cope for two long weeks without my wing-woman, a.k.a my sister. She was out of town in California...... gracias por nada on that! I think I clobbered her with so many hugs when I picked her up from the airport. I cannot even fathom not having her, she is my "person". 
January, you also reminded me that I have some work to do and specifically in the area of dating. I had a date, and I decided after that date, it was time to give on-line profiles and dating a break, meaning...I took myself off the market, not because I am taken, but because there's some work I need to do....emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I gave myself 90 days to break away from "dating" and focus on myself and do some prep work for the next go-around. I will re-visit this topic mid-April. I won't tell you it's easy peasy lemon squeezy....trust me on this.....my closest peeps are all in relationships, I'm the odd woman out, at least for a short period of time.
So, January, even though I am not a fan, I dealt with you as best as I could. Some good things happened, the bad days were bearable with lots of coffee, my closest friends, a couple of glasses of wine on the weekends and my selfish desire to be a little tan. I want to learn how to like you more, I am jetting there.....very very slowly. I guess it's inevitable that we will meet next year so goodbye January. 

Not too much love,

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