Feb 28, 2013


Yes, I am HUNGRY! for food, real solid good food BUT....it shall wait for about 4 more weeks or so. Today has been the worst of my hunger. My head is hungry for the junk food but my stomach would just like a banana or some grapes or something with more substance. It's going to be okay, this is all a part of the process, getting to the end and knowing it's going to be beneficial in the end.
A lot of people have admired the strength I have shown just in this short period of time. My strength only has to do with one person. God and His sufficient love and grace on me. I really am beginning to feel like this is just the start of a really great year for me. Considering all that has happened in the past nine months, this milestone is definitely worth it all. I have had a few wonderful and tremendously deep "aha" moments with God and it's just so wonderful when you finally "GET IT!"
I had to praise Him in the storm and I continue to praise him during the good. I never want to forget those dark times because it is what has made me  stronger person.
I am really trying to soak up everything good that is happening even though I feel like there are million things trying to distract me from that.
I am so thankful for how far Bill and I have come in our marriage, the fact that my son is healthy and has made it through the winter without major illness and that I have some really special and fabulous friends who support me and love me no matter what size I am.
So even though I am "hungry", I am full with so many blessing. This is one more reason why I blog.....to remember that God will fill me when I am hungry!

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