Oct 12, 2011

a new front look

It has taken me forever to get this little project finished. For two weekends in September, I had planned to paint the door and the shutters on the front of the house. The weekend of the 24th, Bill went out of town for a weekend retreat so it was the perfect opportunity to get it done.

the door before
You can see my sample paint colors on the upper right of the door

shutters before
painting the trim a fresh color too

there is this hideous vinyl paneling under two of the windows
the caulking was terrible and dirty and ugly
I thought to myself, why not paint those too!
I chose the same color I used for my bedroom on the shutters and vinyl panels
Toffee Crunch
Behr Premium
My 'derduhder' moment came when I realized that I was painting with interior
latex paint (my leftover quart from the bedroom was going to save me some money!)
I had to run back to HD and get a quart of exterior
The trim color (Lightweight Beige) was another $15.00 and
the Red Delicious for the door was $15.00

for less than $50.00, it was well worth the money

Somebody was just DYYYYINNNGGGGG to paint!
He was relentless
I told him where to paint
that lasted a whole 10 minutes
then I secretly went back over the flaws

I love my fresh Mums....I love the Autumn season!

my cute little Welcome sign....had it in a drawer waiting for the perfect place!

The shutters and the trim look fantastic!
don't ya think?

I didn't take a before of it, but I removed landscape timbers that ran along the front of my beds of mulch, that project will come sometime in the spring with tax refund money!

the best picture I could get while the sun was still shining...

Side note as I was paining, I couldn't believe that I had never thought of doing any of this sooner.
I guess I was insecure in the thoughts of what I should do to make the front look a little better.
Sometimes, all it takes is just taking the risk to do something different and to heck with all the insecure thoughts about what is right or wrong. This was so inexpensive and for the most part easy. I usually don't toot my own horn, but I think I did a great little job at sprucing up the front of my house!

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  1. Love those colors!!! Makes me wanna run out and grab some paint! :) Great job!