Oct 16, 2011

Caravan Kids

Camping with kids can be challenging but these kids are a reall hoot to be around! It is a church tradition of sorts where we go camping with the Caravan kids. Caravans is a scouting program with the Church of the Nazarene in case anyyone out there is wondering.
This year, since I'm the 'director', I made the rule that kids must bring a parent and camp out in their own tents. Well, just four families showed up which was fine with me. The kids played really well together and we played a game where I asked different kinds of quesitons for each person to answer. It was fun and interesting to know what other people would say. We had the traditional s'mores and our fire kinda burned down quickly but it was fine because by the time we did allthtat, it was time to hit the sleeping bags.
Satruday morning came quick for me....I think I fell asleep sometime after1am? Apparently other campers don't knwo what quiet time is at 10pm. Saturday morning, we ate crockpot breakfast casserole, cereal, milk, juice, and banabas. After we straightened up a bit, we took off to explore a cave. Then we went to find a geocache. That took FOREVER! actually it took a little over an hour but the hike was a good 2 hours long. We headed back to our site, ate lunch, packed up and left! The kids had a lot of fun....I hope! Until next year......
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