Sep 13, 2011


I have been one busy girl....not just with work but life in general.

I'll break it down for ya!

*Work- I like my job but still I want my own classroom. I know God has a plan so I am content with what I have. I am super busy and my days go by quickly which is good. I am looking forward to Fall break. Although, I might be working the first week which is considered "intercession" and I will make some extra money! I'm okay with that! I know that my job is important and I can only pray that I'm making some kind of difference!

*Home-Thankfully with my mom living with us, she keeps my laundry going, floors swept, carpets vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, etc. That in itself is a HUGE help to me. One less thing I have to overwhelm me. I'm planning on some home decorating stuff when break comes around. This Thursday is P/T conferences so I am going to get started on some fall decorating. I need to get eye exams scheduled for both G-man and myself. I need to get a dental cleaning scheduled for both of us, too!

*Personal-I feel like I struggle every day with all the emotional baggage that is poured on me from my family. Most of the time, I end up pushing it all aside just to focus on one thing. I can't really share a whole of details but portions of it are connected to marriage, being the only responible daughter to both parents who have made poor selfish choices when it comes to their senior years. my brother who could end up being homeless, and to top it all off, making a decision about a future child. Which I might add has been decided, and we have begun the process. I don't want to reveal our decision in this forum because its a private choice but I would greatly appreciate the prayers. We will wait and anticipate what God has planned.

*Extra stuff- when I am not at home, school, work, or church, we are heavily involved in Cub Scouts. I am a Den Leader again this year and I have about 11 boys. I think we are going to have a great year and lots of fun stuff is planned for them. I love that I can be involved with Grant and make memories with his crazy mom and dad. We are really enjoying it but it does take a lot of extra time to plan and commit to.

Ok, that's all I can muster up for now. At least you know, I'm still here and kickin'!!!

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