Sep 19, 2011

a baby's journey

Every baby that comes into this world, panned or unplanned, is the truest and most tangible form of a miracle. It does not matter  where the baby was born, how it came into existence, or what the circumstances are after that. The baby is the gift. The baby is the breath of God, the touch of his hand, the warmth of his Spirit. The mother who carries her child in the womb cannot fathom the immense love that she will soon experience when this baby enters into the world. This journey I have longed to take. I have experienced the miracle of one baby and for that I will always be grateful and blessed. There is a God in Heaven who will reveal his plan to us in the coming months. It doesn't matter where the baby comes from, it only matters that it is a Gift, it matters only how the Gift is received and given back to the One who created it.

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  1. I love this - thanks for sharing! :) this is such a great post :) as an expecting mom - this is great!!!