Apr 1, 2011

save the dramah for yo' mamah!

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Sorry for that but this is the first week back from Spring Break and it's been a drag to get up again and get back into a routine.
I have so much going on. One of the situations that I've somehow been induced into is drama within our Cub Scout Pack. I won't go into a bunch of details but it's pretty ridiculous. I try v-e-r-y hard to live a drama free life. This kind of drama has turned me into an anxious, grumpy, and simply ticked off person EVERY time I begin to think about it!
The ugliness of this drama has begin to seep into my very nature of being kind to others, being as non-judgemental as possible, and treating people with a certain level of dignity & respect. It has also caused me to lose respect for people who say they are "Christians" but whose actions are so far from that witness.
My own witness has been affected & I don't like it one bit!  I can only pray that God's judgement will be evident in the coming days. If there's two things I absolutely hate, it's lying and stealing. That is the foundation upon which this drama has begun. We (the Pack) hope to break away from this particular charter , the only hitch is that we would have to start from scratch in terms of financial resources, equipment and materials to run the Pack.
Other things have been going on too, it's just that this is the biggie! The committee is supposed to meet tomorrow night to discuss our exit strategy and what to tell the parents who are obviously in the dark about this whole situation. I hope we can take most of them & their support when we do leave.
Okay, seriously, I'm boring you,right!?
have a great weekend whatever your doing!

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