Apr 12, 2011


Well, the Cub Scout Pack thing has worked itself out for the time being. I'm super glad about it b/c as I've said before, "I live a drama free life!"
The window of life for my Aunt is growing smaller. I'm not quite sure how my feelings will come out when we get there for her funeral. The relationship I had with her died so many years ago and the broken sisterhood between her and my mom is painful to think about. I guess it's all a big fat lesson on forgiveness. One of the things that I have heard Oprah say (which some people are not a big fan of hers) is that "forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different" Isn't that profound! I can apply that to so many situations in my life.  I also worry about my mom, who has been her sister's keeper for the past 5 months. She will be exhausted and probably tormented by what she witnessed, not just what cancer took from her sister. 
On a different note: I have been trying to figure out a summer schedule for myself. I NEED to make some money for 8 weeks and thought about tutoring but I'm unsure of how to set it all up. Any suggestins would be greatly appreciated!
I'm struggling with my weight demons again, trying to get myself back ont right track. I miss going on my morning walks after dropping the boy off at school. However, I am so thankful that he is in a Wilson Co. school. He has learned so much more than I think he should have in Metro. I hate to say it but it's true. He is being challenged and the expectations for learning are high. Plus, Mrs. Greene is awesome!
I have so many ideas, plans, projects, and thoughts swirling in my head, it all feels like randomness. Lately, I have been keeping a notebook and whenever any of those things pop into my head, I write it down and make notes. This is helping me a lot so far.
Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention that I had a consultation appt. with an orthodontist to look into getting braces. WOW! he pretty much told me that I had two choices but the best choice to get maximum benefits would require oral surgery half way through treatment. It's too lenghthy to explain but my oh my! what a treatment plan. I can't relaly make a move until we find out more with Bill's job and that won't be until mid-late June. His insurance might cover the oral surgery expenses but we need a guarantee that his job will stay in place for another year.  In addition, I have to put down about $550 buckaroos.....if you have any spare change, I will take donations! lol!
okay, I think that's enough randomeness for now!

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  1. I know a teacher that tutors in her off time. I think she just put the word out through her students. Maybe you can also post an ad on Craig's list?

    & I feel you on the ortho plan! My daughter's braces are over $5,000. We actually have a payment book with receipts to send in just like you would a car. A few weeks ago on Twitter there was a blogger named "The Bloggess" she was asking everyone to send her 11 cents to her paypal account for something she needed. She tweeted throughout the day & last I looked the girl had a couple of hundred dollars. :) So tweet your need. I would donate> :)