Apr 13, 2010

*food for thought*

I know what you are thinking.....why a picture of the fridge full of food?
Well, its a catch 22 whenever I have to go to the grocery store -- I hate going but I love to eat. An average grocery store trip can cost me about an hour to two hours depending on what I have to get & then bringing it in the house to put it all away. The main reason I wanted to blog about this is b/c I realized after putting all of this food away that I am so immeasurably blessed. I thought of hungry children, homeless moms, struggling dads, trying their best to make it for thrir families or even for themselve.es. There are some times when I ashamedly say to myelf "there's nothing to eat". When in all actuallity I DO have plenty. I hope that maybe you will stop and thank God for all that you have including the food you eat.
DISCALIMER; all the healthy stuff you see belongs to me....all the "crap" belongs to the other two people who will remain nameless that live here. : )
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