Apr 23, 2010

***bathroom closet decrapification***

Amidst my efforts in getting Grant's room together, I decided that the bathroom closet needed some serious decrapification. I am sooooooo ashamed of how lazy we all are when it comes to shoving stuff in this teeny tiny bathroom closet. Keep in mind also that this house has one full bath that three of us share so there's a lot of 'crap' in here. I am gonna do my best to keep it as tidy & neat as I possibly can.

Here is the middle part of the closet.

The worst part of the mess is the bottom of the closet!
major uggghhh!!!
Aaaawwww....now this is much better.....
more organized.....less messy.....less clutter

The bottom part of the closet looks a "whole bunch more betta'"

What are you "decrapifying" at your house?


  1. I love the fresh folded towels!
    You don't throw out as much as I do! LOL Next week when mom is here I am decrapifying the kids closets. Mostly Madd's stuff.

  2. decrapped our bedroom, the guestroom, the bathroom sink area, but my closet recrapified itself when i wasn't looking...