Mar 10, 2013

post op

My big surgery day was Monday March 4th. I was a bit nervous about the process but thankfully I turn to memorized scriptures and hymns. The anesthesiologist had to find a vein for the IV. I think the girl who was trying to do it was a newbie...nothing wrong with that, at least she asked for help. I only remembering peaking at the OR, freaks me out, bad childhood memories from many surgeries. I remember thinking about all the stores in Providence that I would be shopping at this summer and then it was lights out for me. I don't remember waking up in my room. I was doped up on morpheme for quite some time. The nurses brought me some watered down ice chips with this sponge type brush that I could dip in the water and wet my mouth. I had terrible dry mouth and my voice was raspy because of the breathing tube. The nurses took great care of me. Most of them were really young but they knew their stuff. I was always thanking them for taking care of me. I wanted them to know how much I appreciated their hard work. I don't remember what night it was but I fell asleep with a cup of ice in my hand and spilled it on my chest. DERDUHDER! This nurse Lacole came in and got my bed changed and my gown switched out and back in bed in less than 10 minutes. Of course they wake you up every 2-4 hours to check vitals and every morning the "blood" lady came and drew blood from my arm. At least her needle sticks didn't hurt. Later in the day, this guy came and transported me to x ray and I had to drink some really nasty liquid so they could see if there were any tears. THANK GOD! no tears which meant no going back under the knife. I was completely nauseous during that whole procedure. A lady took me back to my room and I really don't remember how I got back in my bed. The nurse said I needed to start urinating within six hours and she even gave me an extra hour and still I had nothing for them. So guess what, she had to re catheterize me. And what's even better, a few student nurses were invited to watch. Ain't that grand! My hoo ha out there for everyone to see. I know it was medically necessary and they probably don't care. Then they gave me six more hours to try and pee on my own and guess what? I didn't do anything so again, Lacole, the night nurse was the only one in the room when she did that again. Finally, after several hours my bladder decided to cooperate and I peed! Thank God for small favors.
I came home on Thursday and I was in a lot of discomfort. One thing I hadn't expected was a drain port coming out of my abdomen. I have to clean and change the dressing daily, no big deal but it's unsightly and gross to drain. Again, another necessary evil. It's quite hard to hide too. I am not really embarrassed about it, I just don't want a ton of people staring at me like a weirdo.
I am down about 20lbs, not just in five days. I lost about 13lbs. before surgery and 7lbs since surgery. The pain hasn't been real bad, not any worse than my C-section or back surgery. The only other issue I have had is not being able to tolerate my protein supplement. I'm thinking I might have to change brands. The other discomfort is feeling like I have a belly ache constantly and my energy is low. I know it will all get better. So many things to look forward to. It's going to be interesting for sure!
Stay tuned!

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