Sep 4, 2012

nothing about nothing

I just finished mowin the backyard and I am thoroughly disgusted with the landscaping around my fence. I just hate all those weeds, vines and kudzu! I want to be one of those people at Lowe's on a Saturday morning and have that yard crashers guy ask me if I need a backyard makeover! Yes Please!!!!
I am beginning to wonder how much it would cost to get all that killed, removed, whatever it takes. Ever heard of kidzu? I neve knew what all that stuff was until I was watching a show that discussed weeds. I figured out tht tthis is exactly what I have in my backyard and it grwos like a monter. When we first moved into this house, the tree in the back corner was tiny. Now it has grown about 50 ft. high and the trunk of it has grown into thechain link fence. Also, my the neighbor has some sort of vine that is choking out the tree limbs on the tree. It's disastrous and I hate it! I wish I could do it all myself but I know it would just frustrate me and it wold be totally worth it for someone else to do it and removeall that garbage.
oh well, just cmplaining about nothing.....I guess!

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